Category: Planet Earth. Last updated June 20, 2023.

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Learn about different aspects of what it takes to get food onto your table—from soil, to fertilizer, to the crops we grow.


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  • Earth: The Apple of Our Eye from Scholarworks
    The Earth shrinks to the size of an ordinary apple in this demo of how much farmable soil we have.


  • One in a Million from
    This lesson plan is one in a million. Parts per million that is. Find out about fertilizer concentration with food coloring.
  • Porosity and Permeability Lab from George West Independent School District
    Go with the flow. Explore how fast water travels through various soil materials.
  • Ag-Bites: Link 'Ems from Ab-Bites
    Link ‘em up. Can you match these ag raw materials with products made from their compounds?


  • Edible Insects from Scientific American
    What’s for dinner? Meat takes a backseat in this meal when edible insects are on the menu.
  • Food Science Lab from Civil Eats
    It’s urban agriculture, with students in control. The tasty results get served up in the cafeteria.


  • Vertical Farming from ACS Reactions
    This Reaction video is checking out the chemistry that makes vertical farms possible. There's a lot of science that goes on behind this agricultural trend.

  • Cow Burps are Warming the Planet from ACS Reactions
    Cows burp up a lot of methane thanks to the chemistry of their digestion. And since methane is a greenhouse gas, our beef and dairy have huge climate change consequences.