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You drape your body in it daily, but what do you know about its science? Learn about different aspects of cloth, including ways to dye it, tests to identify kinds of fiber, what makes up your favorite shirt, and more.


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  • T-Shirt Chromatography from AACT
    Try out this twist on dyeing t-shirts in this fun and easy experiment for your club.

  • Tie-Dyeing from Flinn Scientific
    It’s colorful chemistry that you can wear when you’re done! All the dyeing directions you need are right here.

  • Focus on Fabrics: Putting Materials to Good Use from Teach Engineering
    Put fabrics to the test, then make your decision about which to use.

  • Dye Like a Natural from Exploratorium
    Usually, you don't want to stain your clothes. Here, you do, using nature's dyes.

  • Lost on Everest from NOVA Teachers
    You’re climbing in extreme conditions on Mt. Everest. What are the best clothes to have in your pack?


  • Moisture Wicking Fabric from
    Test fabrics to see which can whisk away extra moisture to keep you dry.
  • Fiber Test from the Museum of Science and Industry Chicago
    Channel your inner detective as you try to figure out the fabrics in this lab.


  • How to Make Fashion Sustainable from ChemMatters
    To shrink the environmental footprint of fashion, scientists are tackling the complex challenge of clothes-to-clothes recycling.
  • Indigo: The “Blue” in Blue Jeans from ChemMatters
    There is some complex chemistry behind everyone’s favorite clothing choice. How indigo dye is made involves both ancient roots and modern advances.