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Learning chemistry doesn’t have to be scary. Well, except on Halloween! Find creepy chemistry ideas using dry ice, glow-in-the-dark, pumpkins, and more.


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  • Halloween Mystery Box Game from The Spruce
    Feels like… brains! Try this creepy but fun way to hone your observational skills, without peeking in the box.


  • Halloween Chemistry Demonstrations from C&EN
    Halloween twists on several common chemistry demonstrations make for spooky excitement, including the puking pumpkin, ectoplasmic drool, and the dark-side pumpkin.
  • Genie in a Bottle from Flinn Scientific
    When sodium iodide is dropped into a flask containing 30% hydrogen peroxide, a “magical” genie appears in the form of water vapor and oxygen.
  • Amazing Bag of Blood from Kitchen Pantry Scientist
    Stab a bag of “blood” without spilling a single drop in this easy Halloween demo.


  • Math & Science Pumpkins from Oregon Agricultural in the Classroom Foundation
    Do pumpkins sink or float? Students engage in several lab activities using pumpkins.
  • Spooky Diving Ghost from STEAMsational
    Put the pressure on this ghost to make it sink, then float up to the top once again.