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Explore the chemistry of precious metals, as well as other elements that are so important to jewelry.


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  • Salt Dough Necklace from Natural Beach Living
    Create a salt dough necklace in combination with Earth Day celebrations, or any other favorite time of the year.


  • Metamorphic Magic Plastic from James Madison University
    In this “trash-to-treasure” demonstration, polystyrene clamshell containers (#6 plastic) are used to make hard plastic pieces that can be used for art, crafts and jewelry.


  • Chemistry of Art through Alloys and Metal Plating from AACT
    Learn about and experiment with the process of electroless chemical plating in order to create a piece of artwork or jewelry made from a combination of copper, zinc-plated copper, and brass.
  • Crystallization Investigation from Carolina Biological
    Take on the perspective of the jewelry industry, relying on precious and semi-precious crystals for rings, pendants, and more.
  • Go Full Silver Alchemist and Clean your Jewelry with Science from Popular Science
    That dark layer covering your favorite earrings or necklace is the result of a natural chemical process that occurs when sterling silver is exposed to the air. To a certain extent, it’s avoidable and, better yet, reversible.


  • An Explosion of Diamonds from ChemMatters Magazine
    Mining diamonds is strenuous, dangerous, and labor-intensive. So how about making diamonds in a laboratory? Several companies are doing just that... with explosives.
  • The Secret Life of Gold from ChemMatters Magazine
    Valued for its beauty and functionality, gold both adorns art and serves as an electrical conductor in cellphones. New research tells us about this marvelous metal’s cosmic origins.
  • Testing the Hope Diamond from Smithsonian Magazine
    What’s behind the chemistry mystery of its famous blue glow? It’s elemental, my dear Watson.