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  • The Evolution of Materials Science in Everyday Products from AACT
    Explore the progression of development of an everyday product and display their knowledge through a creative video.
  • Problem-Solving with Material from AACT
    In this project, students will develop a presentation to explain how and why a specific material can solve a problem. The explanation will involve researching the properties of the material and how its properties are suited for solving a specific problem.
  • Synthetic Materials Through History from AACT
    In this lesson, students will learn about the history of synthesized materials through reading an article. There are a series of activities to help promote literacy in the science classroom related to the reading.
  • Nano Architecture from MRSEC Education Group
    Explore how the properties of materials change when atoms are connected in different ways.
  • Puzzling, Twisted Fibers from AACT
    Attempt to solve 20 clues related to the chemistry of fabrics in order to solve a riddle.


  • Metallic Bonding & Magnetics from AACT
    Using tubes made of different metal materials as well as one made of plastic, in combination with a rare earth magnet (neodymium magnet) demonstrate how electrons flow freely through a metal and create a magnetic field.
  • Turn Milk into Plastic from AACT
    Observe the process of making a polymer, casein plastic, from the casein protein found in milk.
  • Making Nylon: The Nylon Rope Trick from Royal Society of Chemistry
    Create a seemingly endless rope of nylon that might be confused for a magic trick!
  • Secret Message from AACT
    Observe a hidden message by using acid-base principles.


  • Investigating Heat Treatments and Properties of Steel from AACT
    In this lab, students will take on the perspective of a material scientist working for a company that makes shocks and struts for car suspension by applying three different heat treatments to steel coils.
  • Applications Activity: “Smart” Paper from MRSEC Education Group
    Learn how to recognize ‘smart paper’ in their daily lives and help students recognize hidden technologies embedded in simple things.
  • Liquid Crystal Sensors from MRSEC Education Group
    You can find liquid crystals in many products, from thermometers to televisions—explore the concept closer in this hands-on lab.
  • The Big Six Plastics from AACT
    Use data and chemical tests to better understand different types of plastics and their properties. Then choose the best plastic material to construct a compost bin.
  • Investigating Water Resistance through Fabric Identification from AACT
    Design a procedure to test and compare the water resistance ability of several unidentified fabric samples. Then attempt to identify each of the unknown fabric samples by analyzing the polarity of each molecular structure in combination with the data collected in their test.


  • Tales of Concrete Forensics from ChemMatters Magazine
    Concrete is everywhere! We rely on it to build roads, buildings, bridges, and sewage systems. But if poorly applied, concrete will quickly crack and flake. Investigators can often reveal where the chemistry went wrong and how to fix it.
  • How Glass Changed the World from ChemMatters Magazine
    Glass is both an ancient invention and a material of the future. Its versatility will blow you away!
  • No-Hit Wonder! D3O® from ChemMatters Magazine
    D3O® is a bright-orange material that protects more than 100 products—including cell-phone cases, kneepads, and helmets—from impact.
  • Careers and the Chemical Sciences: Materials Science from the American Chemical Society
    Are you "curiosity driven"? Interested in going "a mile wide, but an inch deep"? Materials science might be for you!
  • Want to Colonize Mars? Aerogel Could Help from NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
    Can aerogel give a boost to those wanting to make Mars their home.


  • Carbon Structures from Pencils to Jetpacks from ACS Reactions
    Buckyballs, nanotubes, and graphene sheets have been the way of the future for decades but so far, the science just hasn’t lived up to the hype. Yet there are new carbon structures that pop up about once a year claiming to be the next big thing. So… how far are we actually from carbon structures revolutionizing the world and finally bringing us jetpacks?

  • What is Materials Science? from Materials Science – A Chalmers Area of Advance
    Materials science is everywhere around you, and is key to building a sustainable future.

  • Monster Magnet Meets Magnetic Fluid from Brainiac75
    Ferrofluids react spectacularly near any magnet, but even better near such a large and powerful magnetic pole surface - even with a surprising shape on the spikes!