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Over-the-counter and prescription—medicine is all around us.


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  • Nuclear Medicine Half-Lives from AACT
    Model two half-life scenarios related to nuclear medicine and will learn how to describe half-lives through explanations, calculations, particulate diagrams, and graphs.
  • Case Study: The Lung Cancer Mystery from AACT
    Students analyze a scenario about the sudden spike of lung cancer cases in a specific neighborhood and take on the role of an investigative reporter for the crisis.
  • Steroid Medicines: A Profile of Chemical Innovation from ACS National Historic Chemical Landmarks Program
    Learn about developing medicine through the lens of hydrocortisone while reading an article and doing a series of activities to help promote literacy.
  • Herbal Remedies from AACT
    Further your understanding of empirical and molecular formulas through research and a presentation of an herbal remedy.



  • The Chemistry of Hand Sanitizer and Soap from AACT
    Model the interaction between hand sanitizer particles and virus particles, as well as between soap particles and virus particles.
  • Over the Counter Drugs from AACT
    Conduct several chemical tests on given samples of over the counter medications and then use their results to identify an unknown drug sample.
  • Aspirin Tablets: Are they all the Same? from AACT
    Design an experiment to test the time and completeness of dissolution of various types of aspirin in different pH environments.



  • How to Catch Dopers from ACS Reactions

    Chemistry is used to find which Olympic teams are doping.