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Connect science to your favorite sport, with a mix of activities, demos, labs, articles and videos.


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  • The Chemistry of Running from Annenberg Learner
    Train your avatar in this interactive animation, then check out the results.
  • The Chemistry of Sports Drinks from the Royal Society of Chemistry
    Try out two activities with your club, the all-in-one sports drinks, and powering our muscles to find out how chemists have contributed to the improvement of athletic performance.



  • Energy in Hot and Cold Packs from AACT
    Athletes at every level often need muscle and pain relief from hot and cold packs. Learn what causes the temperature change in the packs.


  • New Doping Test from UPI
    Part of the Olympics takes place behind the scenes, in the lab. What tests are there to see if athletes are keeping the competition clean?
  • What Are Olympic Medals Made of? from ThoughtCo.
    We hate to break it to you, but gold doesn’t necessarily mean gold. Find out what’s in the medal you see on the podium.
  • Artificial Snow: A Slippery Slope from ChemMatters Magazine
    Some experts are concerned that too much artificial snow could affect natural water-table levels, which are the boundaries between saturated ground and dry ground.


  • The Science of Distance Running from ACS Reactions

    Running and chemistry? Yes! You basically need three things to run a marathon: energy, oxygen and water.