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Water, water, everywhere... Visit these links to explore the wonders of water and dive into its chemistry.


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  • Dive into Marine Chemistry in English from the American Chemical Society
    Dive into marine chemistry with hands-on activities related to calcium carbonate in seashells, seawater density, and oil spills.
  • Water Diary from Thirteen.org
    Did you take a short or long shower today? Did you wash your clothes? Keep track of how much water you use in a week.


  • Shell Shifts from Exploratorium
    If seashells are in the water, how can changes in the air affect them? Learn how in this demo.


  • What Makes Water So Special? from AACT
    In this activity, students will become familiar with the special properties of water by completing several activities that investigate physical properties.
  • Ocean Acidification from Science Education Resource Center at Carleton College
    Go in depth with this lab to study the pH of water and its effect on creatures that make their home in it.
  • Local Water Analysis from AACT
    In this lab, students use simple pool test strips to collect water samples from local water sources, such as area faucets, pools, lakes, rivers, puddles, etc.


  • The Flint Water Crisis: What's Really Going On? from ChemMatters Magazine
    What would you do if foul smelling, odd tasting, orange colored water were all that you could get from your tap?
  • The Chemistry of Swimming Pools from Compound Interest
    Ah, the smell of summertime fun—chlorinated water. Learn the chemical how and why of swimming pool chlorination.
  • The Future of Water from ChemMatters Magazine
    Strategies to address current and future water crises range from the tried-and-true to the truly bizarre.
  • Everyday Compounds: Sodium Hypochlorite from Compound Interest
    Got chlorine? Know how it got in your pool? This infographic can help.
  • Water Chemists from the American Chemical Society
    What does a water chemist do? Where do they spend their days? How much school do they need? Find out here.
  • Salt Harvesting from Exploring Our Fluid Earth
    Seawater can make your food taste better. Learn how the water gets removed and leaves behind gourmet-style salt.
  • Great Pacific Garbage Patch from PBS News Hour
    It’s not just trash talk—it’s really out there in the North Pacific. And it’s even bigger than they thought.


  • Ice Spikes Explained from Veritasium
    Why do spikes form on ice cubes? Without them the world would be vastly different.