Winter Celebrations

Category: Holidays. Last updated June 20, 2023.

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Many winter holidays have exciting chemistry connections. Explore the festive activities, labs, articles and more with your club this holiday season!


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  • Atomic Holiday Ornaments from AACT
    Design an atomic holiday ornament for a chosen element, along with a certificate of authenticity to display on a “Chemis-tree”.
  • Scientifically Sufganiyot from Royal Society of Chemistry
    How does a recipe for Hanukkah doughnuts compare to a scientific method or a set of integrated instructions?


  • Christmas Tree Combustion from Science Friday
    Use this activity to demonstrate the flammability of dry versus fresh needles of a tree such as fir or pine.




  • How Do Snowflakes Form? from ACS Reactions
    This video takes a microscopic look at snowflake science and how they form.

  • Yule Log Trivia from ACS Reactions
    Ready to kick back and relax by the fire this holiday season? Enjoy a chemistry-themed yule log trivia with a cup of hot cocoa.