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  • Observations, Scientific Method, Experimental Design, Error Analysis | High School

    Lab: Airplanes

    In this lab, students will design a procedure to test for the intended outcome of a longest flight.

  • Observations, Phase Changes, Combustion, Scientific Method, Experimental Design | High School, Middle School

    Lab: Observing a Candle

    In this lab, students accumulate observations of a candle including a look at the combustion reaction's reactants and products.

  • Introduction, Scientific Method, Experimental Design | High School

    Activity: Procedure Pictures

    In this activity students are put into groups of 2 – 3 and are then charged with developing a procedure to investigate a provided “fact or fiction” statement. The twist to this task is that they are not allowed to use words; their entire procedure must be represented in pictures. This idea is based on the recent “Can You Picture That?” article by Julie Damico in the February 2014 edition of The Science Teacher magazine.

  • Introduction, Interdisciplinary, Scientific Method, Experimental Design | High School

    Activity: Experimental Design using Science and Engineering Practices

    In this activity, students will read a short story about an experiment that was conducted about an everyday question. Then the student will decide if and how the experimenter followed the scientific method. Then they will consider their own everyday questions and propose a way to answer them experimentally.

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