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  • Interdisciplinary, History, Review | High School, Middle School

    Project: Create a Chemistry App

    In this project, students will use Google accounts to create chemistry-themed apps, with no programming required. They will create a Google Drive spreadsheet containing scientific information, and link it to a free account on They will personalize the app on the Glideapps website. The resulting app will be available to view on devices that have the correct link.

  • Density, Physical Properties, Periodic Table, Review, Mixture | High School, Middle School

    Activity: Chemistry Basics: Advanced Crossword Puzzle

    In this activity, students will complete a crossword puzzle by solving each clue that is related to a fundamental chemistry topic.

  • Density, Chemical Change, Elements, Physical Change, Periodic Table, Review, Matter, Mixture | Middle School, Elementary School

    Activity: Chemistry Basics: Crossword Puzzle

    In this activity, students will complete a crossword puzzle by solving each clue that is related to a basic, yet fundamental chemistry topic.

  • Review, Dimensional Analysis, Measurements | High School, Middle School

    Activity: Dimensional Analysis Show Down

    In this activity students will work cooperatively to solve conversion based problems using dimensional analysis. Students are required to independently determine an answer for each question and be able explain their method of solving with their peers. This activity is designed to allow students to work at their own pace, and for students to take on a teaching role by communicating their understanding with their peers.

  • Introduction, Review, Lab Safety | High School, Middle School

    Activity: Laboratory Equipment Memory Game

    In this activity, students will play a modified version of the classic Memory Game in order to help them identify common laboratory equipment by name. This activity provides an opportunity for students to increase their familiarity with the laboratory equipment that they will be expected to properly use.

  • Review, Culminating Project | High School

    Lesson Plan: AP Chemistry Big Idea Review

    In this lesson, students will complete a review of all of the AP Chemistry Big Ideas and Learning Objectives using questions targeting each learning objective. This lesson is based on the AACT AP Chemistry Webinar series: What’s the Big Idea? Last Minute AP Chem Review and What’s the Big Idea? AP Chemistry Review Redux. 

  • Review, Culminating Project | High School, Middle School, Elementary School

    Project: Icosahedron!

    In this project, students will create an icosahedron, a twenty sided ball, to present information about a topic. The icosahedron can be used for any topic that would require the allocation and presentation of material.

  • Polyatomic Ions, Review, Ions | High School

    Activity: Trade Ions

    In this activity, students will learn common ions by creating notecards and quizzing each other.

  • Review | Middle School, High School

    Activity: Tic-Tac-Toe Review

    In this activity students collaborate to complete tic-tac-toe review questions to prepare for a test on the atomic structure unit. The idea behind the activity is to give students choice and you can read more about the inspiration for the activity in the May issue of Chemistry Solutions.

  • Density, Review | Middle School, High School

    Activity: Round Robin

    In this activity, students solve problems on a series of sheets shared in a group.The activity can be extended beyond the topics of temperature and density. This lesson accompanies an article in Chemistry Solutions.

  • Physical Properties, Physical Change, Review | High School

    Activity: Physical Properties

    In this study game, students will review topics including the scientific method and states of matter.

  • Density, Review, Accuracy, Dimensional Analysis, Measurements, Accuracy, Error analysis, Experimental design | High School

    Lab: Bowling Ball—Will it Sink or Float in Water?

    In this lab, students will find the density of a bowling ball to determine whether it will sink or float in water.

  • Review, Culminating Project | Middle School, High School

    Project: 21st Century Elements

    In this project, students will learn the importance of the elements in our lives. The students will research one chosen element and create a website, a digital comic strip, or a video to explain the important properties of the element as well as why the element is so important to our lives.

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