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  • History | Middle School, High School

    Activity: Spellbound Episode 5 Isiah Warner Video Questions

    In this activity, students will answer questions while watching a video from the Spellbound series produced by ACS. Each episode focuses on a different notable scientist, recounting how their interest in science was sparked in their childhood and how they went on to make great contributions to the scientific community. This fifth episode focuses on the childhood of Isiah Warner, who is an African American chemistry professor and researcher at LSU. He has won awards for his decades-long teaching career and for the programs he founded to encourage and mentor African American students pursuing advanced chemistry degrees.

  • Chemical Change, Precipitate, Balancing Equations, Chemical Change, Solubility Rules, Reactions & Stoichiometry | Middle School, High School

    Lab: Predicting Precipitates

    In this lab, students use solubility rules to predict which chemical reactions will produce precipitates.

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