Classroom Resources: States of Matter

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  • Gas Laws, Sublimation, Ideal Gas, Volume, Temperature, Pressure, Density, Phase Changes, Interdisciplinary, Density, Physical Change, Mole Concept, Dimensional Analysis, Measurements | High School

    Access is an AACT member benefit. Demonstration: Ideal Gas Law using Carbon Dioxide

    In this demonstration, students observe dry ice sublime while the CO2 gas fills a balloon. They then calculate the moles and volume of CO2 produced.

  • Phase Changes, Sublimation, Physical Change, Density, Observations, Temperature | Middle School

    Access is an AACT member benefit. Lesson Plan: Dry Ice

    In this lesson, students will investigate how dry ice undergoes a phase change from solid to gas, skipping the liquid phase under normal temperature and pressure.

  • Sublimation, Density, Observations | High School, Middle School

    Access is an AACT member benefit. Lab: Dry Ice (High School)

    In this lab, students perform several small experiments using dry ice and record their observations.

  • Physical Change, Physical Properties, Review, Mixtures, Separating Mixtures, Distillation, Sublimation, Phase Changes, Boiling Point, Gas Laws, Temperature, Volume, Pressure | High School

    Access is an AACT member benefit. Activity: Physical Properties

    In this activity, students will play a game to review topics relating to physical properties of matter, including mixtures, states of matter, and gas laws. They will be prompted with questions in a PowerPoint and they will use white boards to communicate their answers.

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