2019 Chemistry Teacher of the Year Award Winners

By AACT on April 1, 2019

Each year, AACT recognizes three K–12 educators as the Chemistry Teacher of the Year in their respective grade bands. Through their pedagogy, dedication, skills, and accomplishments, these teachers make outstanding contributions to the chemistry teaching profession and AACT.

Susan Bickel

Susan bickel smallSusan teaches Kindergarten through 5th grade at the Benjamin School in North Palm Beach, Florida. In addition to teaching chemistry, Susan covers biology, earth science, engineering, environmental science, and physics with her students. Susan has been an AACT member since 2016 and has written two articles for Chemistry Solutions and published a lesson plan in the classroom resource library. Susan has been teaching for more than 20 years.

Favorite AACT Resource: Science Coaches

Jennifer Smith

Jennifer smith gb 1718Jennifer is an 8th grade general science teacher at Monticello Middle School in Monticello, IL and a member of AACT since 2014. Jennifer has served on several content writing teams, published multiple articles in Chemistry Solutions, led a webinar for K8 teachers, and served as the middle school ambassador on the 2017–2018 AACT Governing Board.

Favorite AACT resource: Plop, Fizz: How to Affect the Rate of a Chemical Reaction
Favorite AACT benefit: Science coaches

Matt Perekupka

Matt perekupka smallMatt teaches AP chemistry, chemistry, engineering, robotics, and more at Cinnaminson High School in Cinnaminson, NJ and has been an AACT member since 2016. He has published multiple resources in the AACT classroom library, written for Chemistry Solutions, attended two Dow & AACT teacher summits, and was a finalist for High School Ambassador in the 2018–2019 AACT Governing Board Elections. In March, Matt was featured in the AACT member spotlight.

Favorite AACT Resource: Chemistry Composition Challenge
Favorite AACT Benefit: My favorite aspect of the AACT is the connections I have been able to make, directly or indirectly, to so many great teachers from around the country. The best chance we have for providing our students with a relevant, rigorous, and engaging curriculum is by sharing ideas, resources, and thoughts. Melanie, Ryan, Jeremy, Jenn, and Heather are just a few of the passionate and great people I been able to connect with during my time as an AACT member. These relationships are what motivates and drives us as educators to be our very best, and the AACT has provided chemistry teachers with an opportunity to connect which is the most valuable resource of all.