AACT Membership for ChemClub Teacher Advisors

By AACT on July 29, 2021

Management of the ChemClub program transitioned to AACT in July of 2020. To better align ChemClub with other AACT programs going forward, AACT membership will be required for all lead teacher advisors starting this fall. To ease this transition for the 2021−2022 school year, we will be offering a one-time complimentary AACT membership to lead ChemClub advisors who are returning to participate in the program this year. For advisors who are already AACT members, we will offer a one-time complimentary membership renewal.

This will allow participating teachers to engage in the full suite of AACT/ACS membership benefits and ensure a more consistent experience for participants.

For current AACT members who are interested in the ChemClub program, we encourage you to learn more about the great resources available and to get involved!  

In the future, AACT will support the ChemClub program with scholarships for Title 1 schools, and those with special circumstances. Additionally, fundraising ideas, and a sample letter of support will be available for Club advisors to present to administration and/or School Board officials in order to have AACT membership funded.

As always, if you have any questions, please contact us anytime at: hschemclubs@acs.org