AACT Wants Members to Find Their Way

By Kira Washington on September 12, 2018

We’ve made some exciting changes to our website! First, we recently concluded a user study that focused on how well our members were able to use our topics, for example Acid & Bases, to find the classroom resources they were looking for. It turns out, most participants found it easier to find the resources they sought if we showed sub-topics under the topics for each grade level.

1. Now:

  • a. Each topic shows subtopics that are specific to that grade level and is based on popularity.
  • b. Note, popularity is defined by the resources our members [most] favorited. So be sure to “Favorite” your favorite resources!
  • c. Each topic also shows how many resources are available for that topic.

Second, we added additional filter options to help our members find the resource they’re seeking.

2. This means:

  • a. Once a member clicks to discover more about our resources, they can filter resources by “Newest” or “Most Favorited” under the “Sort by” header.
  • b. Further, filter options are displayed at the top right of the filter side panel. This allows members to see what filters they’ve applied and clear any that they don’t need by clicking the “x” or “Clear All Filters”.

Third, we’ve added a mobile search function so that members can navigate the AACT website on the go and with ease.

Last, did you know that the student video pass has been extended from 24-hours to 72-hours? Read all about it in our news post, AACT Introduces Student Pass – Now Extended.

We hope that you enjoy these updates!