AACT Introduces Student Video Pass – Now Extended

By AACT on September 6, 2018

On February 12, 2018, we announced the Student Video Pass which allowed teacher members to share AACT video content with their students for 24-hours. The response has been great! Teacher members have been able to assign videos to their students and have them watch the videos from anywhere.

But what if teachers members only saw their students on alternative days? What if they assigned a video on a Friday? We take member feedback seriously. In fact, we revised the feature to accommodate those scenarios.

So, we’re happy to announce that the Student Video Pass has been extended from 24-hours to 72-hours! With the 2018 – 2019 school year started, it’s a great time to use this improved feature. Check out our original news post, AACT Introduces Student Video Pass, for a feature overview or our FAQs.

We hope that you enjoy this updated member benefit!

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