December ChemClub Happenings

By AACT on December 1, 2020

Do you have a chemistry or science club at your school, or are you looking to start one? If so, become a chartered ACS ChemClub today!

The ACS ChemClub program has been around since 2005, and AACT started managing the program this school year. (Learn more about the transition in a previous news post.) ChemClub gives high school students a unique opportunity to experience chemistry beyond the classroom. Students engage in activities that enhance their understanding of the science, get them involved in the community, and help them better appreciate how chemistry plays a role in our everyday lives. Best of all, the ACS ChemClub program is free to join, so why wait? Sign up now!

If you don’t have a chartered ACS ChemClub at your school yet, here are a few great reasons to sign up:

Resource Packets

In October, December, February, and April of each school year, ACS ChemClub advisors receive a themed resource packet full of demos, labs, non-lab activities, and more to provide ideas for club meetings. The packets also include safety information and sample meeting guides to ensure a safe and smoothly-run meeting. The October 2020 packet, for example, was based around Sam Kean’s book about elements, The Disappearing Spoon, and the new December packet is all about Chilly Chemistry, with activities relating to ice, snow, and all things cold. And when you sign up, you receive access to all previous resource packets, in addition to this year’s resources, on the ChemClub blog. (And did we mention it’s free?!)

Activity of the Month

There are lots of additional videos, articles, and activities available – for anyone to use – on the ChemClub Activities page. Each month, a different collection of themed activities is featured, but you can browse through them all at any time.

December Cheer Raffle!

We know that 2020 has been a difficult and challenging year, so we plan to spread some cheer all month long. Every day throughout the month of December, we will raffle a prize for a current ChemClub to win! There are many prizes—including gift cards, stickers, iron-ons, books and much more! We’ll celebrate New Year’s Eve with a grand prize drawing for a set of new goggles for your Club! Winners will be contacted by email and announced on social media as well as in upcoming newsletters.

Connecting ChemClubs Pilot

The ChemClub Program is piloting the opportunity to connect ChemClubs from across the USA and around the world with one another! If you are interested, first make sure you become a chartered ChemClub, then sign up for the pilot by January 4, 2021 and we will match your club with one other current ChemClub program.