From One-by-One to Many

By AACT on January 2, 2020

Happy New Year! One of the ways we’re kicking off the New Year is by rolling out new features that will make your experience on even better!

We’ve recently updated our classroom resources’ filter feature on the website. Now, teacher members have the ability to select multiple subtopics and/or resource types, at the same time, and have the applicable resources returned in a single search result. Here’s how:

  1. Click on the applicable grade level and topic or subtopic. For this example, HIGH SCHOOL » and the Acid & Bases topic was selected.

  1. Under Available Filters, on the right-hand side, the Acid, Acid & Base Theories, and Chemical Change subtopics were selected.

  1. Under TYPE on the right-hand side, Activity, Lab, and Lesson Plan was selected. Note, under ADVANCED CHEMISTRY, AP/IB Chemistry was also selected as an additional filter option.

  1. Click the Filter Button button at the bottom of the page. There you have it, the filtered results are returned!

Tip 1: Under, Filtered By, see what filters were used by looking at the Filtered By section, on the right-hand side.
Tip 2: Click on the X to remove a filter or the Clear All Filters button to remove all of the filters at once.

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