Time to Renew?

By AACTconnect on January 10, 2017

Don’t lose access to your favorite resources, webinars, and articles—or miss out on new lessons being added to the AACT website each week! If your membership is expiring soon, or has already expired, renew online today at renew.teachchemistry.org, or by phone at (877) 233-7440. Visit the online Membership Renewal Guide for assistance with the renewal process.

Not sure if your membership has expired?

  • Log into the renewal portal using your AACT web login. If your membership is active and more than 3 months from expiration, the portal will display your membership expiration date instead of taking you through the process of renewal. If your membership is within 3 months of expiration, or has already expired, you will be able to renew.
  • Or, contact AACT member support to verify your membership expiration date.

Renewal portal

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