Why Should I Run for a Governing Board Position?

By Heather Weck on March 17, 2020

Two years ago, I read a letter like this written by the then-AACT President, Jenelle Ball. I admired her for being a high school chemistry teacher and taking on such a position. After eighteen years of teaching, I was at the point in my career where I had a handle on the curriculum and (most of) the initiatives that were thrown our way. I had the time to commit and wanted to get out of my comfort “bubble.”

In years prior, I was part of two Dow & AACT teacher summits where I got a taste of the quality of resources, caliber of staff, and diverse experiences of our members. I pushed myself to take a chance and run for President-elect. That is why I ran for the position. My favorite part is that all of the other GB members I have met have different reasons that they got involved. Our multitude of perspectives makes the GB unique and can contribute to the betterment of AACT.

If you have time to devote and ideas on how to support the success of K–12 chemistry educators, please consider self-nominating for one of the open Governing Board positions. We love to work with and learn from dedicated, diverse K–12 teachers of chemistry!

Heather Weck
President, AACT Governing Board