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Challenge your students to solve this forensic chemistry crossword puzzle! Use it to celebrate this year's National Chemistry Week theme, "Solving Mysteries Through Chemistry."


2. Flammable liquid used in arson
4. The chemical name of Superglue
5. When this halogen sublimates the vapors deposit themselves on a latent fingerprint
6. The concentration of this metal ion in the eyeball helps determine time of death
7. Reacts with the iron in hemoglobin to produce light
9. The medical study of the chemistry, effects, and treatment of poisonous substances
11. EDTA or sodium citrate, used to keep blood from clotting
12. When this ionic compound reacts with the sodium chloride left behind in a fingerprint, gray silver chloride shows the print
14. The yellow liquid of blood after the cell have been removed
15. A potent poison, this element burns bright green in a flame test
16. This type of chemical identification test turns a hue if positive for a narcotic; used by field agents


1. A process that separates a mixture of different chemicals into its individual components
2. The type of chemistry used to solve crimes, both quantitative and qualitative
3. Chemical used to visualize fingerprints on porous surfaces; makes pink prints
8. Produced by a body's muscles after death, this substance is responsible for rigor mortis
10. 1918 NYC toxicologist who revolutionized and standardized the field
13. The majority of evidence submitted to crime labs comes from this sort of crime
14. A process used to make many copies of a defined segment of DNA

Special thanks to the crossword puzzle creator, Mark Feil of The Forensic Teacher Magazine.The Forensic Teacher Magazine.