Science Coaches Overview

Science Coaches pairs up an AACT teacher member and volunteer chemist (coach) for one school year. Coaches may volunteer in the classroom directly with students or behind the scenes with only the teacher. Each partnership is different! Coaches may only volunteer with one teacher formally in the Science Coaches program.

How it works

Teachers are partnered with a coach who is geographically nearby. The teacher and coach will coordinate the type of help the coach may provide or the teacher may require at the beginning of the school year. Some coaches conduct experiments for students, while other coaches only interact with the teacher to help plan lessons or organize a stockroom. There are many ways a coach and teacher can partner.

Participant expectations

Teachers and coaches are required to meet at least six times throughout the school year. Partners are encouraged to meet more than the required amount, depending on scheduling. Teachers will receive a $500 donation from the American Chemical Society or a $550 gift certificate from Flinn Scientific to enhance science education at their school or in their classroom.