AACT Resources and Website Open House – September 2018 Mark as Favorite (0 Favorites)

WEBINAR (1 hour 7 minutes) recorded September 12, 2018

Have you ever wondered about the benefits of being a member of AACT? Discover how AACT membership can enhance your experience in the chemistry classroom.

Join AACT President, Sherri Rukes, Past-President, Jenelle Ball, and President-Elect, Heather Weck, as they guide participants on a virtual tour of the AACT website. All resources will be unlocked for a 24 hour period surrounding the webinar so that attendees can see all of the valuable classroom materials available to AACT members. This webinar will be particularly valuable to teachers who are considering becoming a member of AACT or current members who may not be familiar with all of the classroom resources that are available on teachchemistry.org. It’s also a chance for current members to learn about new additions and updates that have recently been made.