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Particulate Diagrams: Facilitating the Visualization and Understanding of Particle Level Behavior in Matter Mark as Favorite (1 Favorite)

WEBINAR (39 minutes) recorded November 07, 2023

It has been suggested that what gives Chemistry the reputation of “being a hard class” is not only the level of problem solving and higher order thinking involved, but also that we cannot see with our own eyes what we are asking the students to understand (the particle-level behavior). Incorporating particle diagrams into each unit of Honors and AP Chemistry can enhance students’ learning experience. Join Andrea Gearhart as she shares the “why, what, and how” behind how weaving particle diagrams into first- and second-year Chemistry Courses, along with the resources she uses.

Presenter: Andrea Gearhart, Chemistry Teacher, Peters Township High School

    Date: Tuesday, November 7, 2023 at 7:00 PM ET