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Scoring AP Chemistry Free Response Questions – An AP Chemistry Mock Reading Mark as Favorite (0 Favorites)

WEBINAR (95 minutes) recorded April 21, 2020

You sit down to score your students’ answers to an AP Chemistry free response question (FRQ) with the College Board scoring guidelines at hand. How hard could this be? You quickly discover that many of your student’s responses don’t quite fit into the scoring guideline. Would your students “get the point”? Meanwhile another year has gone by without that coveted invitation to the AP Chemistry Reading. What to do?

In this webinar, you will experience how Readers are trained to score FRQs. Participants will be trained on the rubric for Question 1 from the 2018 AP Chemistry Operational Exam. Please download this FRQ and the scoring guidelines from the sidebar on the right before the webinar.

Once trained, you will score actual student responses. Then we will go over which points would have been awarded at the Reading. By scoring a variety of student responses, you will see that the way students respond can make it easier, or harder, for the Reader to award points. And through this experience, you will gain confidence in your FRQ scoring abilities. Please download the scoresheet from the sidebar on the right before the webinar.

Please familiarize yourself with Question 1 from the 2018 operational exam before the webinar. Sample student responses will be provided ahead of time so that you can try scoring them before the webinar (optional). See these downloads in the sidebar on the right. The student responses are in the Presentation Slides and a scoring sheet is also available.

Please join us for this Mock Reading!