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Ungrading the Chemistry Classroom Mark as Favorite (2 Favorites)

WEBINAR (1 hour) recorded January 13, 2021

Do rubrics have you trapped in a grading gridlock when a student obviously gets equilibrium but didn’t meet the rubric’s requirement? Are you spending time concerned about grades being equitable when all of your students are so unique? Do you feel like you’re talking more about points than about intermolecular forces? Johanna Brown has been there, on her journey from traditional grading, to standards-based, to currently no grading of student work. She’s ready to have an honest discussion on the grading of chemistry in a non-judgemental way. 

Ungrading can take many forms depending upon your students, administration, and circumstances, but all teachers can add to their practice by focusing on feedback for the learner. Johanna will discuss how she implemented an ungrading system, ways to keep students and families informed, the pitfalls and successes of ungrading in both classic and AP Chemistry, as well as ideas to implement moments of ungrading for you to weave into your practice.

Presenter: Johanna Brown, Chemistry Teacher, Pullman High School, WA
Date: Wednesday, January 13, 2021, 7:00 pm ET