Using ChemCollective and the Online Learning Initiative to Simulate Laboratory Experiments

WEBINAR (1 hour) on October 6, 2020

During this webinar, Jeanette Stewart will present an introduction to the ChemCollective - Online Learning Initiative Collaboration. Participants will learn how to set up free teacher accounts as well as explore how to navigate the platform from both the teacher and student perspective. Instructions for setting up an account will be provided ahead of time so those in attendance can log on and work with the program as Jeanette speaks.

The ChemCollective is a collection of virtual labs, learning activities, tutorials, and assessments that can used for pre-labs, homework, and for in-class or virtual activities for individual students or small groups.

Presenter: Jeanette Stewart, Science Department Chair and Teacher, Marist School, GA
Date: Tuesday, October 6, 2020, 7:00 pm ET