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Using NGSS Practices to Explore Chemistry Concepts: Arguing from Evidence Mark as Favorite (0 Favorites)

WEBINAR (58 minutes) recorded November 06, 2019

In their first webinar, Jessica C Levine and Emilie Mosko shared how existing chemistry curriculum can be easily modified towards an NGSS storyline with a groovy phenomenon—the lava lamp. In this webinar, Jessica and Sara Hoofnagle will continue to explore NGSS practices, specifically arguing from evidence.

Presenters will highlight their lesson design to engage students in chemistry concepts such as reading and using the periodic table, observations of chemical and physical changes, chemical reactions, and conservation of matter as students solve an elemental mystery—the Priestley lab. This webinar will highlight a compilation of labs, lessons and activities, drawing from a collection of available resources including middleschoolchemistry.com, and will showcase student work in problem based learning and arguing from evidence.