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Chocolate, marshmallows, chewing gum, cotton candy… what a sugar rush. Have some fun and play with your food while learning the science behind it. Just don't eat anything that was in a lab environment!


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  • The Secret Science of Gum from ACS Adventures in Chemistry
    Why is gum chewy? Where does the flavor go? Answer these questions and more.



  • Gummy Worms from Science Center
    Make a worm. Eat a worm. These gummy polymers are a delicious treat!
  • Make Mouthwatering Candy Melt from Scientific American
    Gummy bears and hard candies go head-to-head (or cup-to-cup) in this solubility exploration.
  • A Sticky Situation: Chewing Gum and Solubility from the Journal of Chemical Educational
    Chocolate and gum? Perform several solubility tests using common food items such as chocolate, chewing gum, water, sugar, and oil to learn more.
  • Saltwater Taffy from The Accidental Scientist
    This candy recipe gives you an arm workout at the same time. But, why do you need to pull taffy?
  • Candy and Leaf Chromatography from AACT
    Mixtures are created by the combination of two or more substances, including the mixtures that form colors. Perform chromatography to separate mixtures found in candy and in leaves.


  • The Sweet Science of Candy Making from ChemMatters Magazine
    How do you decide what texture of candy you want? Look at the molecular level process and reveal the chemistry behind candy making.
  • What's in Marshmallows? From C&EN
    Marshmallows are made of only three things, and they come together in a complex chemical dance to make your taste buds sing.
  • The Sweet Life of a Candy Chemist from ChemMatters Magazine
    This Candy Chemist’s love for food science began with eggs. But now she works for the er, Ghirardelli Chocolate Company.
  • Sugar: “White Gold” Transforming America from ChemMatters Magazine
    When processed sugar became available, it was very expensive and out of reach for most people. But over time, as the sweetener became less expensive to produce, Americans began consuming more and more sugar.
  • Chewing Gum—Sticking to the Story from ChemMatters Magazine
    There's a big story wrapped up in ordinary gum. The Battle of the Alamo and DNA fingerprinting are both part of the tale.


  • Gum + Chocolate = ???? from ACS Reactions
    Have you ever needed to get rid of some chewing gum quickly but spitting it out would cause a scene? Not sure you want to swallow the whole wad? Chemistry’s got your back. Find out why chocolate makes gum... DISAPPEAR!

  • How to Make Cotton Candy from Bytesize Science
    What is cotton candy? Watch as University of Wisconsin-Madison Professor of Food Engineering explains how to spin piping-hot melted sugar into tasty threads, eventually cooling off and forming cotton candy.

  • Choc Full of Science from Science Friday
    Crystal formation is essential in making smooth chocolate that's solid at room temperature and melts in your mouth.

  • Is White Chocolate Actually Chocolate? from ACS Reactions
    White chocolate may lack the rich flavor of milk chocolate and the glossy brown color of dark chocolate—Many people even argue it’s not really chocolate at all. What is it about this creamy candy that sets it apart from the darker chocolates we know and love so well?