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Chemistry can help keep us clean, safe, and healthy. Browse some clean ideas to try with your club!


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  • Designing an Effective Respiratory Cloth Mask from AACT
    Compare the sizes of molecules, viruses, and droplets. Then use findings to design a cloth mask that helps protect its wearer against infection by SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.
  • Chemistry Keeps Us Clean from ACS Celebrating Chemistry
    This issue contains several great activity ideas to get you squeaky clean as you learn about the science of soap.



  • DIY Hand Sanitizer from MEL Science
    Put these ingredients together to make your own, as you find out the reason for each.
  • It’s Alive from AACT
    What will happen when dirt and germs from your hands are transferred to white bread?


  • Disinfectants and Antiseptics from Compound Interest
    Have you ever wondered about the compounds in a kitchen cleaner? Or what is in an antiseptic cream? Learn about the chemistry of these helpful products!


  • How do Hand Sanitizers Work? from ACS Reactions
    Take a closer look at the chemistry of what this goo is made of, and just how effective it really is against viruses and bacteria.

  • Making Drinking Water from Sewage from ACS Reactions
    Sure, drinking toilet water sounds gross, but with the right cleaning methods we can turn the dirtiest water you can think of back into clean, safe, refreshing drinking water.

  • Kill More Germs by Cleaning… Less? From ACS Ingenious
    The next generation of cleaning products lay down an incredibly thin polymer layer that keeps the germ-killing ingredients in place and effective for 24 hours at a time.