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  • Introduction, Elements, History, Review, Atoms, Isotopes, Alpha/Beta/Gamma Decay, Subatomic Particles, Radioactive Isotopes, Electrons | Middle School, High School

    Activity: What are Isotopes? Video Questions

    In this lesson, students will watch a video and answer questions about isotopes. They will learn about the discovery of isotopes, the difference between chemical and nuclear reactions, different kinds of radioactive decay, and some uses of radioactive isotopes.

  • Isotopes, Atomic Mass, Subatomic Particles | Middle School, High School

    Activity: Candy Isotopes & Atomic Mass

    In this activity, students will learn about isotopes and be introduced to basic average atomic mass calculations. They will use simple numbers and M&M candies to model ratios that approximate real world atomic mass values on the periodic table.

  • Isotopes, Atomic Mass, Subatomic Particles | Middle School, High School

    Activity: Simulation Activity: Isotopes & Calculating Average Atomic Mass

    In this simulation, students first learn how the average atomic mass is determined through a tutorial based on the isotope abundance for Carbon. Students will then interact within a workspace where they will select the number of isotopes, the mass of each isotope as well as their abundancies in order to successfully build a mystery element. Finally they will use their choices to calculate the average atomic mass of the mystery element.

  • Atoms, Model of the Atom, Isotopes, Atomic Theory, Atomic Mass, Subatomic Particles, Ions | High School, Middle School

    Activity: Simulation Activity: Building an Atom

    In this simulation, students manipulate the number of protons, neutrons, and electrons in an element and determine how these effect the mass number, atomic number, and other properties of an atom.

  • Physical Properties, History, Periodic Table, Atoms, Model of the Atom, Isotopes, Electron Configuration, Valence Electrons, Atomic Mass, Subatomic Particles, Atomic Radius, Chemical Properties, Electrons, Orbitals | High School, Middle School

    Activity: Investigations

    In this activity, students will use the online periodic table found at to investigate a number of chemistry concepts. Students will use this online resource to explore information about the elements, including historical data, physical properties, periodic trends and more.

  • Physical Properties, Interdisciplinary, History, Periodic Table, Review, Culminating Project, Isotopes, Electron Configuration, Atomic Mass, Subatomic Particles, Chemical Properties | High School, Middle School

    Project: 21st Century Elements

    In this project, students will learn the importance of the elements in our lives. The students will research one chosen element and create a website, a digital comic strip, or a video to explain the important properties of the element as well as why the element is so important to our lives.

  • Review, Model of the Atom, Isotopes, Balancing Equations, Atomic Mass, Subatomic Particles, Lewis Dot Diagrams, Electrons, Ions | High School, Middle School

    Activity: Tic-Tac-Toe Review

    In this activity students collaborate to complete tic-tac-toe review questions to prepare for a test on the atomic structure unit. The idea behind the activity is to give students choice and you can read more about the inspiration for the activity in the May issue of Chemistry Solutions.

  • Elements, History, Atoms, Isotopes, Atomic Theory, Subatomic Particles | Middle School, High School

    Activity: Atomic Structure RAFT

    In this activity, students choose from a number of activity options in order to best display their understanding of atomic structure. The RAFT model will be followed for this assignment, which means the students choose their assignment and may modify the assignment based on Role, Audience, Format, and Topic.

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