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  • Polarity, Covalent Bonding, VSEPR Theory, Valence Electrons, Atomic Radius, Electronegativity, Lewis Structures | High School

    Project: Molecular Modeling

    In this project, students will research a molecule selected from the teacher approved list, construct a three-dimensional model of the molecule, and present their research to the class in a 7-10 minute oral presentation.

  • Precipitate, Electron Configuration, Valence Electrons, Balancing Equations, Classification of Reactions, Solubility Rules, Electrons | High School

    Lesson Plan: Transition Metals Color the World

    In this lesson students will complete a series of double replacement reactions to form precipitates. The precipitates will be used as a pigment to create paint.

  • Periodic Table, Electron Configuration, Valence Electrons, Electrons | High School

    Lesson Plan: Electron Configuration and the Periodic Table

    In this lesson, students will learn how the periodic table can be used to predict the electron configuration of an atom and, thus, better predict the reactivity of an atom.

  • Elements, Periodic Table, Atoms, Model of the Atom, Valence Electrons, Atomic Mass, Subatomic Particles | High School, Middle School

    Activity: Mystery Elements

    The students will work in cooperative groups to construct Bohr models of "mystery" elements and record missing information about each element. Students will also create a new "mystery" element card for a classmate to analyze and determine its identity.

  • Periodic Table, Valence Electrons, Atomic Radius, Ionic Radius, Ionization Energy | High School

    Activity: Periodic Trends I: Ionization Energy, Atomic Radius & Ionic Radius

    In this simulation, students will investigate several periodic trends, including atomic radius, ionization energy and ionic radius. Through the use of this simulation students will have the opportunity to examine atomic data as well as visually compare and interact with select elements from the periodic table.

  • Valence Electrons, Lewis Dot Diagrams | High School

    Activity: Box Valence Electrons

    In this activity, students will create a mini periodic table of elements using Lewis dot diagrams to represent each element up to calcium.

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