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  • Physical Properties, Introduction, Matter, Chemical Properties | Elementary School

    Activity: Properties of Matter

    In this activity, students will focus on the properties of matter and distinguish matter by their physical properties

  • Physical Properties, Chemical Properties | High School

    Lesson Plan: Engineering a Vehicle

    In this lesson students will take on the role of a Ford Motor Company engineer and evaluate the potential use of carbon fiber technology for use in the automotive industry.

  • Density, Physical Properties, Melting Point, Freezing Point, Phase Changes, Physical Change, Molecular Motion, Freezing | Elementary School

    Lesson Plan: Pothole Science

    In this lesson, students investigate how the density and therefore the volume, of water changes when it freezes.

  • Physical Properties, Polymers, Scientific Method, Mixtures | Middle School, Elementary School

    Lab: Polymer Investigation

    In this lab, students will follow the procedure for creating a polymer, flubber, which will be similar in consistency to Silly Putty. Students will then design an experiment to test a physical property of the flubber that they have created using the scientific method.

  • Observations, Separating Mixtures, Physical Properties, Physical Change, Mixtures | High School

    Lab: Distillation

    In this lab, students complete a simple distillation lab separating water from cinnamon and food coloring.

  • Physical Properties, Physical Change, Review | High School

    Activity: Physical Properties

    In this study game, students will review topics including the scientific method and states of matter.

  • Density, Physical Properties, Identifying an Unknown, Accuracy, Error analysis | Middle School, High School

    Lab: Density Lab

    In this lab, students determine the density of several liquids and solids. They then identify an unknown metal by determining its density. They then calculate the percent error within the class for a specific sample.

  • Observations, Physical Properties, Elements, Periodic Table, Identifying an Unknown, Matter, Chemical Properties | Middle School, High School

    Lab: Periodic Table Trends

    In this lesson, students will investigate trends of the periodic table.

  • Observations, Density, Physical Properties, Mixtures, Mixtures | Elementary School

    Activity: Color-Works in a Jar

    Students will be using three ingredients to create a liquid color-works mixture in a jar. This is a fun chemistry project to do with young elementary students around the 4th of July or New Year’s Eve to get the children excited about fireworks.

  • Physical Properties, Concentration, Colligative Properties, Boiling Point, Accuracy, Graphing, Molality, Error analysis, Boiling point elevation | High School

    Lab: Changing Water's Boiling Point

    Download this lab in which students will explore colligative properties in a quantitative approach.

  • Physical Properties, Gas Laws, Pressure, Ideal Gas, Volume, Graphing, Error analysis | High School

    Lab: Boyle's Law

    In this lab, students stack books on top of a closed syringe and use the volume change to determine the mass of the books.

  • Observations, Physical Properties, Introduction, Polymers | Elementary School

    Activity: Bouncy Ball

    In this activity, students explore the chemical reaction between borax and glue, creating a polymer ball. The properties of the polymer ball will be analyzed and compared to a store bought bouncy ball.

  • Physical Properties, Mixtures, Molecular Structure, Mixtures | High School, Middle School, Elementary School

    Demonstration: Analyzing Mixtures

    In this demonstration, the teacher will create a sequence of mixtures in a single test tube. Water, oil, food coloring and soap will be used in this demonstration to introduce the concepts of heterogeneous and homogeneous solutions as well as the idea of miscibility. Students will also have the opportunity to analyze the properties, such as surface tension of each component used.

  • Physical Properties, Chemical Change, Identifying an Unknown, Chemical Change, Chemical Properties | High School

    Lab: As Easy as Pie

    In this lab, students will use chemical and physical properties to identify an unknown powder.

  • Physical Properties, Periodic Table | High School

    Lab: Metal, Non-Metal, or Metalloid

    In this lab, students will classify several samples of elements as metals, nonmetals, or metalloid based on their physical and chemical properties.

  • Physical Properties, Introduction, Interdisciplinary | Elementary School

    Activity: Magnificent Magnets

    In this activity, students will investigate the physical properties of magnetism.

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