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  • Observations, Electricity, Atoms, Model of the Atom, Subatomic Particles, Electron Transfer, Electrons, Electrons | Middle School, High School

    Lesson Plan: Understanding Static Electricity

    In this lesson, students will complete a series of activities to explore how the imbalance of charges in materials creates static electricity and how those materials interact with others around them. They will describe the relationship between atomic structure, specifically the role of protons and electrons, and static electricity.

  • Observations, Chemical Change, Redox Reaction, Scientific Method, Electron Transfer, Experimental Design | Middle School, High School

    Lab: Test Tube Geology

    In this lab, students will observe a reaction between an iron nail and copper(II) sulfate in a test tube over the course of several days, modeling how a similar reaction occurs to form copper deposits in the earth. Students will also modify the procedures to evaluate how changing a factor of their choice affects the results of the test tube reaction, introducing them to concepts of experimental design. It also introduces students to my version of the Science Writing Heuristic (SWH).

  • Electricity, Energy & Thermodynamics, Subatomic Particles, Law of Conservation of Energy, Cathode, Anode, Electron Transfer, Electrons, Electrons | Middle School

    Lesson Plan: Battery Basics

    In this lesson students will explore the chemical reaction that occurs within a lead-acid car battery and the role of the battery within a car prior to creating their own batteries.

  • Electricity, Reduction, Oxidation, Half Reactions, Cathode, Anode, Spontaneous Reactions , Electron Transfer | Middle School, High School

    Animation: Galvanic Cell Animation

    In this animation, students will visualize electrons traveling through a galvanic cell. Copper and zinc are the chemicals depicted in the spontaneous reaction and the importance of the salt bridge is highlighted. **This video has no audio**

  • Observations, Chemical Change, Inferences, Reduction, Redox Reaction, Classification of Reactions, Chemical Change, Oxidation, Electron Transfer, Electrons, Ions | Middle School

    Lesson Plan: One Tube Reaction

    In this lesson, students will observe a chemical change involving oxidation and reduction.

  • Oxidation, Reduction, Redox Reaction, Chemical Change, Oxidation, Electron Transfer, Electrons | Middle School

    Lesson Plan: Old Rusty

    In this lesson, students will explore the concept of oxidation of metals by creating designs on fabric or paper using rusty objects.

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