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  • Hess's Law, Calorimetry, Heat, Enthalpy, Error Analysis | High School

    Access is an AACT member benefit. Lab: Utilizing Hess's Law

    In this lab, students will use a coffee cup calorimeter to collect data that will allow them to calculate ∆H for two reactions. The first reaction, between sodium bicarbonate and hydrochloric acid is endothermic. The second, between sodium carbonate and hydrochloric pressure, is exothermic. They will then use their experimental values and Hess’s Law to determine ∆H for the decomposition of sodium bicarbonate, compare their calculated value to the theoretical value, and calculate the percent error. This resource includes a prelab presentation and sample calculations.

  • Heat, Temperature, Specific Heat, Exothermic & Endothermic, Energy Diagrams, Hess's Law, Calorimetry, Entropy, Enthalpy, Gibb's Free Energy | High School

    Lesson Plan: Thermochemistry and Thermodynamics Unit Plan

    The AACT high school classroom resource library and multimedia collection has everything you need to put together a unit plan for your classroom: lessons, activities, labs, projects, videos, simulations, and animations. We constructed a unit plan using AACT resources that is designed to teach thermochemistry and thermodynamics to your students.

  • Reaction Rate, Activation Energy, Hess's Law, Exothermic & Endothermic, Le Châtelier's Principle | High School

    Access is an AACT member benefit. Lab: Kinetics and Equilibrium

    In this lab, students will investigate the reaction of the hydrogen sulfite ion (HSO3-) and the iodate ion (IO3-) to determine the effect that changing concentration and temperature has on the reaction rate.

  • Hess's Law, Calorimetry, Heat | High School

    Access is an AACT member benefit. Lesson Plan: Hess’s Law Application

    In this lesson students will determine the ΔHrxn of an unknown reaction using a calorimeter and Hess’s Law.

  • Hess's Law, Enthalpy, Exothermic & Endothermic | High School

    Access is an AACT member benefit. Lesson Plan: Hess's Law

    In this lesson, students learn about the concepts of Hess's Law and how to solve problems involving them.

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