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  • Gas Laws, Stoichiometry, Kinetic Molecular Theory, Ideal Gas, Partial Pressure | High School

    Lab: Determination of the Ideal Gas Law Constant

    In this lab, students will collect a gas sample over water and use multiple scientific principles including stoichiometry and gas laws to experimentally determine the Ideal Gas Law Constant (R).

  • Gas Laws, History, Mole Concept, Measurements, Ideal Gas | High School

    Video: Amedeo Avogadro Video

    This video tells the story of Amedeo Avogadro, the scientist given credit for the mole concept, but who discovered other things in chemistry too.

  • Gas Laws, Kinetic Molecular Theory, Ideal Gas | High School

    Lab: Finding Absolute Zero

    In this lab, students will experimentally determine the value for absolute zero in degrees Celsius.

  • Gas Laws, Pressure, Ideal Gas | High School

    Lab: Boyle's Law

    In this lab, students stack books on top of a closed syringe and use the volume change to determine the mass of the books.

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