Classroom Resources: Reactions & Stoichiometry

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  • Activity Series, Predicting Products | High School

    Project: Wastewater Recovery

    In this project, students will analyze test results in order to design a procedure for recovering certain metals from wastewater using their knowledge of the Activity Series of Metals and single replacement reactions. Based on their analysis, students will create a proposal for presentation in an effort to recommend the best plan for reclaiming the metals from the wastewater.

  • Observations, Chemical Change, Conservation of Mass, Conservation of Matter, Balancing Equations, Conservation of Mass, Chemical Change, Matter, Conservation of Matter, Predicting Products, Experimental Design | High School

    Lab: Matter Matters

    In this lesson, students will investigate the Law of Conservation of Mass.

  • Balancing Equations, Predicting Products | High School, Middle School

    Activity: Snowman Challenge

    In this activity, students practice completing and balancing chemical equations with a partner.

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