Classroom Resources: States of Matter

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  • Physical Properties, Solubility, Polarity, Covalent Bonding, Intermolecular Forces, Molecular Geometry, Electronegativity | Middle School, High School

    Activity: The Chemistry of Water Video Questions

    In this lesson, students will watch a video and answer questions about how the molecular geometry and polarity of water give rise to many of its unusual physical properties, including its relatively high boiling point and its ability to dissolve some substances but not others.

  • Molecular Motion, Intermolecular Forces | High School, Middle School

    Activity: Simulation Activity: Molecular Motion

    In this simulation, students will have the opportunity to explore on the molecular level how particles move in three states of matter. They will compare two different substances.

  • Melting Point, Freezing Point, Phase Changes, Molecular Motion, Heat, Specific Heat, Temperature, Intermolecular Forces, Heating Curve, Boiling Point, Heat of Vaporization , Heat of Fusion | High School, Middle School

    Activity: Simulation Activity: Heating Curve of Water

    In this simulation, students will investigate qualitatively and quantitatively what happens as water changes states.

  • Temperature, Gas Laws, Pressure, Molecular Motion, Kinetic Molecular Theory, Intermolecular Forces, Volume | High School, Middle School

    Lab: Gas Pressure

    In this lab, students will understand what causes pressure in a container and the variables that affect pressure (volume, temperature, number of moles) by mimicking molecular motion of gases.

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