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  • Phase Changes, Molecular Motion | Middle School

    Activity: Atoms in Motion

    In this activity, students will explore how particles that make up matter are in constant motion. The students will use an online PhET simulation to compare the ways that atoms and molecules move in samples of solids, liquids, and gases. This activity will help students improve their understanding of the particle level.

  • Phase Changes, Molecular Motion | High School, Middle School

    Activity: Simulation Activity: States of Matter and Phase Changes

    In this simulation, students will participate in a 10 question quiz. Some questions will challenge students to analyze data to identify the correct state of matter for a specific sample, and then connect the chosen state with an animated particle diagram. In addition, students will examine the behavior of particles in an animated sample as they undergo a phase change, and must correctly identify the change that occurs.

  • Physical Properties, Molecular Motion | High School, Middle School

    Activity: Categorizing States of Matter

    In this activity students will analyze both written statements and images that describe the properties of a solid, liquid or gas. Students will determine which state of matter the description best describes and categorize it accordingly.

  • Molecular Motion, Temperature | Middle School, High School

    Demonstration: What is Temperature?

    In this demonstration, students will observe food dye mixing with water at different temperatures.

  • Molecular Motion | Middle School, High School

    Activity: Simulation Activity: Molecular Motion

    In this simulation, students will have the opportunity to explore on the molecular level how particles move in three states of matter. They will compare two different substances.

  • Molecular Motion, Heat | Middle School, High School

    Lesson Plan: Modeling the Melting of Ice

    In this lesson, students will create a particulate model of matter that explains energy changes and transfer during a phase change.

  • Density, Molecular Motion | High School, Middle School

    Simulation: Simulation Activity: Density Simulation

    In this simulation, students will investigate the effect of changing variables on both the volume and the density of a solid, a liquid and a gas sample. Students will analyze the different states of matter at the particle level as well as quantitatively. This lesson accompanies the simulation from the September 2015 issue of Chemistry Solutions.

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