Website Updates - Classroom Resources

By AACT on March 16, 2021

We’ve made some updates to our website to help you easily find the relevant classroom resources you need!

The Classroom Resources landing page has been refreshed. At the top, you can find featured resources by grade band at the top.

Below, you’ll find the Resource Collections section and a Multimedia section.

In the Resource Collections section, we now have one place where you can view various collections of resources, such as Unit Plans, Kitchen Chemistry for High School, and Chemistry of Color. It will also link you to the main collections page, where you can find the remaining collections, like Chemistry of Cars and ChemMatters teaching resources.

Looking for a digital resource? Our multimedia section features Simulations, Animations, and Videos.

Have a great resource you want to share? You can find information on content writing opportunities and how to submit a resource in our Contribute to our Resource Library section.