Chemistry of Cars

The Ford Chemistry of Cars videos highlight the chemistry involved in aspects of production and operation of automobiles. They are part of a larger Chemistry of Cars resource collection, sponsored by the Ford Motor Company.
  • Combustion 400


    The Internal Combustion Engine Video

    This video investigates both the mechanical and the chemical processes used in the internal combustion engine, as well as the history and evolution of the combustion engine.

  • Catalytic converters


    Catalytic Converters Video

    This video investigates the role of a catalytic converter and its corresponding chemical reactions within a vehicle. Students will learn about both oxidation and reduction reactions and how they, in combination with a catalyst, can impact the molecules released in a car’s exhaust.

  • Alternative fuels


    Alternative Fuels Video

    This video analyzes alternatives to petroleum based fossil fuels, such as biofuels and hydrogen fuel cells.

  • Hybrid and electric cars


    Hybrid and Electric Cars Video

    This video explores the chemistry in the batteries that power hybrid and electric cars.