Why You Should Run for a Governing Board Position

By Jesse Bernstein on March 25, 2021

I recently retired from teaching chemistry. After more than 40 years in the classroom, I sought a community that shared my enthusiasm for working with young individuals who wished to learn chemistry. I knew that I had been a part of such a community all along. I’ve been a member of AACT since its inception a number of years ago and I knew it was important to run for a position on the Governing Board of AACT. I was duly elected and honored to be a part of the current AACT Governing Board.

I strongly encourage you to join me in this noble endeavor. The desire for AACT to not just understand chemistry teachers’ needs but to act upon and help to fulfill the needs is why I decided to become a part of the Governing Board. You’ll be a part of a community that is truly experienced with teaching chemistry. Our current governing board members have a combined 185 years of experience teaching in a classroom! Whether you are new to the classroom or a veteran, you can help shape our industry and help to improve our student’s understanding and enjoyment of K–12 Chemistry—hopefully even more than what spurred you to become a teacher of Chemistry.

Diversity and inclusion are two core values of the American Chemical Society and AACT. We encourage all members to self-nominate, but especially those who are part of an underrepresented group in the chemistry teacher community.

I look forward to the possibility of working with you.

Jesse Bernstein
President, AACT Governing Board