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Have you seen the latest addition to the emoji world? It's ACS Chemoji! Emoji stickers for the chemistry-lover.

So, how do you use them? Indiana Chemistry teacher Erica Posthuma-Adams shares!

I love using the Chemoji app with my students and in my social media! I would frequently find myself searching through the standard emojis, unable to find one that could adequately express my nerdiness. Finally, I have smiley-faces with goggles, a scientist, and gloved hand to offer the thumbs-up sign that I can easily insert into a text or a tweet. The app is a fun and easy way to include my love of chemistry in my digital communication.

Once my students saw some of the chemojis in my texts they wanted in on the fun too:

The chemojis are so fun!! I would send them in texts periodically. Those that understood that I was invested in science laughed and told me they were pretty cute. I enjoyed using them because they allowed me to insert my love for science into the technology I use everyday." —Natalie Murdock (class of 2016)