American Chemical Society (ACS) Opportunities

  • January 4
    ACS-Hach Professional Development Grant

    This ACS-Hach grant allows high school chemistry educators teaching in a US or US territory school to request up to $1,500 to support professional development to enhance their teaching and student learning. Applications due by January 4 each year.

  • March - 30, 2023
    American Chemical Society (ACS) National Meeting and Exposition

    Meet with scientific professionals for networking opportunities and professional development. Information about Upcoming Meetings can be found on the ACS website. The theme will be “Crossroads of Chemistry" and the meeting will be held in person in Indianapolis, Indiana and virtually on March 26 – 30, 2023.

  • April 1
    ACS-Hach Second Career Teacher Scholarship

    This scholarship is awarded to professionals in the chemistry field pursuing a Masters degree in education or becoming certified as a chemistry/science teacher. Applications accepted February 1 – April 1 each year.

  • April 1
    ACS-Hach Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Scholarship

    This scholarship is awarded to recent graduates and professionals interested in becoming secondary chemistry teachers by pursuing a Masters degree in education or becoming a certified chemistry teacher. Applications accepted February 1 – April 1 each year.

  • April 1
    ACS Fellows Program

    The ACS Fellows Program recognizes ACS members for excellence and leadership in both of two areas: science, the profession/education/management, and volunteer service in the ACS community. The annual nomination deadline is April 1.

  • April 14
    ACS-Hach High School Chemistry Classroom Grant

    This grant allow high school chemistry educators in a US or US territory school to request up to $1,500 to support ideas and purchase materials that enhance classroom learning and foster student development. Applications accepted February 1 – April 14 annually.

  • June 1
    ACS ChemClub Community Activites Grants

    Community Activity Grants support chartered ACS ChemClubs in community interactions by service projects or improving science learning experiences. Chartered ChemClubs are eligible to receive up to $300. Applications are accepted April 1 – June 1 annually.

  • June 13 - 15, 2023
    ACS Green Chemistry Institute 27th Annual Green Chemistry and Engineering Conference

    The 27th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference will be in Long Beach, California from June 13-15, 2023. The theme for the 2023 conference is “Closing the Loop: Chemistry for a Sustainable Future.”

  • November 1
    James Bryant Conant Award in High School Chemistry Teaching

    This annual award recognizes, encourages, and stimulates outstanding teachers of high school chemistry in the United States, its possessions or territories, at the national level. Deadline: November 1.

  • November 1
    George C. Pimentel Award in Chemical Education

    This annual award recognizes outstanding contributions to chemical education. Deadline: November 1.

  • Ongoing
    ACS Green Chemistry Webinars and Videos

    View presentations from the last conference, recorded webinars, and videos covering the principles of green chemistry. You can also view green chemistry webinars on the ACS Green Chemistry YouTube page.

  • Ongoing
    ACS Webinars

    Are you interested in culinary chemistry, drug discovery, or popular chemistry? ACS has hundreds of webinars available in their archive and live webinars every Thursday at 2 PM ET.

  • Ongoing
    ACS Professional Development Opportunities

    Find opportunities for professional growth such as leadership development, entrepreneurial resources, and short courses.