Workshops and Professional Learning

From online courses to safety tutorials, find additional education opportunities and resources to enhance your teaching. Items are sorted into five categories: Online Courses, Teaching Methods, Laboratory Resources, AP Chemistry Resources, and Workshops. Available on-demand unless otherwise noted.

Online Courses

Teaching Methods

Laboratory Resources

  • Ongoing
    Flinn Laboratory Safety Courses

    Opportunities for classroom and laboratory safety via safety seminars, safety workshops, and safety-related email from Flinn Scientific.

  • Ongoing
    Flinn Scientific Laboratory Safety Demonstration Videos

    It is the instructor's responsibility and duty to train and remind students in lab safety. Utilize these free videos to reinforce safety within your academic lab.

  • Ongoing
    National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) Safety in the Classroom

    One of the most important responsibilities of a chemistry teacher is getting their students to follow lab safety rules and using correct techniques. Flinn’s Laboratory Safety Challenge will allow you to teach these things to your students through role-playing, making observations, and developing common-sense in the laboratory.

  • Ongoing
    PASCO Scientific Online Training

    Join PASCO trainers for online, live, and interactive training about the use of their probeware, software, hardware, and curriculum solutions.If you’re interested but can’t attend live you can register anyway and you’ll receive a link to the session recording about a day after it's held.

  • Ongoing
    Chemistry Experiences and Experiments for Learning

    From Stanford Graduate School of Education at the Center to Support Excellence in teaching, this course will allow teachers to work with a set of chemistry experiences and experiments that can foster student learning and expand high-leverage, core teaching practices in chemistry. The course is available during this summer, fall and spring.

  • Ongoing
    The Laboratory Safety Institute (LSI) Online Courses

    LSI offers 1, 2, and 3 day, self-paced lab safety courses. All courses are ongoing and include electronic copies of the course materials and references. An instructor is available for questions.

AP Chemistry Resources


  • Ongoing
    American Modeling Teachers Association (AMTA) Professional Development

    Follow this link to find a list of Modeling Workshops that are being planned for the coming months. Whether they will actually occur depends upon enrollment and funding. Most are three-week summer workshops that thoroughly treat the pedagogy and content for a high school physics, chemistry, physical science or biology course.

  • Ongoing
    Fermilab Educator/Teacher Workshops

    Fermilab educator workshops provide K–12 teachers with proven classroom activities and strategies for teaching challenging topics in an engaging way.

  • Ongoing
    NSTA Virtual Conferences

    If you have a limited travel budget and want to improve your skills, NSTA offers virtual conferences on topics that are important to science teachers. Click here to find out when our next conference will take place.

  • Ongoing
    Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (POGIL) Workshops

    Are you interested in learning more about guided inquiry learning and finding ways to implement it in your classroom? Find a POGIL workshop or summit in your area.