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Making Sense of Covalent Bonding: Insights from the Most Frequently Asked Questions in a Chemistry Discussion Group Mark as Favorite (3 Favorites)

WEBINAR (52 minutes) recorded April 16, 2024

Many teachers believe that the hardest chemistry topics involve a lot of math such as stoichiometry, acid/base equilibrium, or kinetics. Evidence from 10 years of responding to questions in a teacher discussion forum suggests that many teachers struggle with a math-free topic: the structure and properties of covalent substances. In this webinar, I will share common questions from teachers about covalent bonding, discuss why they are more challenging than they look, and provide approaches to help teachers and students make sense of this secretly challenging topic.

Presenter: Matthew Ford, Chemistry Teacher, St. John’s Preparatory School
Date: Tuesday, April 16th, 2024 at 7:00 PM ET