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Incorporating PhET Simulations into a Unit on Covalent Bonding, Liquids, and Solids

WEBINAR (1 hour) recorded January 30, 2018

Experienced high school chemistry teacher and former PhET employee Trish Loeblein shares how she uses the States of Matter and Atomic Interactions simulations in a unit titled "Covalent Bonding, Liquids and Solids". Both of these simulations are newly revised for HTML5 and have been updated based on PhET research. Trish uses these simulations to address two major concepts: Identifying and describing particle behavior as it relates to phases and explaining behavior using bonding. In addition to demonstrating the simulations, she shares specific learning goals, reviews the teacher tips for the simulations, shares lesson plans, and shows how the activity fits into the curriculum. A variety of activities are shared which are appropriate for several different levels of high school chemistry and middle school physical science.