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    Teaching Resources | September 30, 2014 Middle School Chemistry

    Join the authors of Middle School Chemistry for an overview of the popular website. The webinar focuses on student activities and molecular animations that are immediately usable in the classroom and easily integrated into existing curricula.

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    Technology | September 23, 2014 Teaching Chemistry Using PhET Simulations: 1

    Experienced high school chemistry teacher and PhET employee Trish Loeblein provides tips for how to incorporate simulations from PhET into your chemistry classroom.

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    Lab & Safety | September 16, 2014 Chemical Safety for Teachers

    Professor and chemical safety expert Sammye Sigmann discusses laboratory standards, stockroom management, and answers your questions about safety in the chemistry classroom.

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    Teaching Resources | September 9, 2014 The Science of Cooking

    Harvard’s popular college class "Science and Cooking" will be offered for credit through Harvard University Extension School this fall. The course brings together top chefs and Harvard researchers to explore how everyday cooking and haute cuisine can illuminate basic principles in physics and chemistry. This webinar features an introduction to the pedagogical ideas of the course, a sample lesson, and a discussion.