• Webinar

    Science Coaches 2019

    Science Coaches is a joint ACS and AACT program that partners coaches (volunteer chemists) with AACT teacher members in elementary, middle, and high schools. Please join Adam Boyd, the AACT Program Director, as he outlines the benefits for teachers and coaches in the Science Coaches program.

  • Article

    Magic Monday: Inspiring Students to Observe and Question in Chemistry

    The article describes the author’s use of demonstrations to spark interest and investigation in chemistry. This teaching strategy has been both valuable and popular with her students.

  • Activity

    T-Shirt Chromatography

    In this activity, students will learn about solubility, saturation, polarity, and intermolecular forces through chromatography techniques.

  • Simulation

    Predicting Products

    In this simulation, students will reference an activity series and a solubility chart to accurately predict the products of single replacement and double replacement chemical reactions.

News & Updates

Vote now in the 2019 Governing Board Elections! (April 16, 2019)

Governing Board elections are open now through April 30!

Using AACT Resources to Help Teach Acids and Bases (April 9, 2019)

In this news post, Kim Duncan, our Sr. Professional Learning Associate, writes about lessons and other activities that could be used in an Acids and Bases unit.

Earth Day Resources from AACT (April 8, 2019)

Celebrate Earth Day on April 22 with chemistry! We've rounded up resources from the AACT classroom library related to Earth Day, and to this year's Chemists Celebrate Earth Day theme, "Chemistry Helps Feed the World."

ChemMatters E-Periodical

Apr2019 coverl hires cropped

The April issue of ChemMatters is available now!

  • Connecting Chemistry and Art
  • Open for Discussion: Paper vs. Pixel
  • Profile: Andres Martinez, Changing the Face of Paper
  • Celebrating Paper!
  • Fighting Frizz: How Chemistry Solved a Bad Hair Day
  • The Periodic Table’s Final Four
  • What are Pool Chemicals?

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