• Webinar

    Lessons Learned from the 2019 AP Chemistry Exam

    During this webinar, Paul Bonvallet, Chief Reader, will outline the logistics and scoring process for the 2019 AP Chemistry exam and discuss practices for consistent, fair, and accurate grading of the free-response section.

  • Resource Feature

    Modeling Polarity

    In this article, the authors share about two kinesthetic-based activities used to successfully help students develop an understanding of polarity.

  • Activity

    Modeling Bond Polarity

    In this activity, students will model the pull of electrons in a bond between two elements, demonstrating covalent bonding. In particular differentiating between polar and nonpolar bonds.

  • Animation

    Measurement Animation

    In this animation, students will become familiar with three forms of measurement, including length, mass and volume.

News & Updates

New AACT Resources to Help You Teach Chemistry Basics (August 22, 2019)

AACT has curated resources to help you teach an introductory unit on chemistry basics.

AACT Realigns AP Chemistry Content with 9 new Units on Collection Page (August 20, 2019)

AACT’s AP Chemistry Content Collection page has been realigned to correspond with the new 2019 AP Chemistry Course Outline published by the College Board. The AP page, has been reorganized so that teachers can find AP resources that are directly related to each of the new chemistry Units as well as resources that would be appropriate for use as post AP exam activities.

Get Involved in National Chemistry Week 2019 (August 7, 2019)

Celebrate NCW 2019 with the theme "Marvelous Metals."

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Dive into Summer with ChemMatters

ChemMatters’ Summer Page has interesting articles involving activities you may be engaging in this summer, such as swimming in the ocean and the chemistry behind ice cream, ouch – brain freeze! Learn more about how chemistry affects summer activities.

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